Tattoo With Heena

Mehndi Plotter

Mehndi Plotter is computerized mehndi design, It can design any mehndi design from your computer gallery or picture you have.

Tattoo and Mehndi machine is new innovation, where u can earn 5000 to 25000 per day from a machine.

Tattoo and Mehndi machine is new revolution in market place. special feature is that, it saves time. for example write a name with Heena on Hand took 2 Minutes, where as with machine it is only 30 seconds. so on an average 60 client in a hour. as per calculation 50 Rs per Hand cost equals to 3000 per hours, so on an average 20-30 k per day. depend upon Location. Question comes where to install Machine for good earning, it’s near temple , tourist place, Mall etc

Who can Purchase Machine for earning:- Event organizer for party function, parlor/ Salon, shop kipper.

Next Steps towards earning…

Tattoo / Mehndi Machine comes in different Models and Feature. such as

Basic Machine with Tattoo

Mehndi Machine with Mehndi Holder and controller.

Tattoo Machine with Token and counter System

Mehndi Machine with Token and Counter System.

Tattoo machine with Security System.

Mehndi Machine with Security system.

Key ring /Gift making machine.