Product #1

Tattoo Machine with tattoo design is used to draw temporary tattoo on hand/ arm by selecting any design in your Computer. Tattoo machine comes in 10 Models from basic model to Top Model.

cost Rs 2.5 to 5.5 Lcs.

with which u can earn 5000 to 25000 per day.

Product #2

Mehndi Design machine or Mehndi Plotter is basically used to draw mehndi design on hand /arm by selecting any design from galary , u can also download design from web or draw a Design on computer.

cost Rs 4.5 Lcs. to 8 Lcs. 8 Different model with different feature available as per client requirement. from this machine u can earn 2000 to 35000. per day

Product #3

Key / photo Gift making machine which comes in 4 different model as per client requirement.

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Tattoo making machine or mehndi machine can give new boom in market where these design are known as temporary . but technically after placing a machine on Local Highway Dhaba/ Tourist place, high foot fall market u can earn in Lcs. per per our client they are earning 25000 per day from one machine, so by using multiple machine u can earns in Lcs.

New Innovative Design.

Now Tattoo Design or Mehndi Design is no more specialization work, by using computer Design u can explore market with different unique Design and Different unique Pattern. which are impossible by hand design with high accuracy.

What a special…………….

Tattoo plotter or Mehndi machine have special feature which a human body cant do. 1. Speed 2. Accuracy Let’s first talk about these two Speed and accuracy.

as we know time is money if one person apply 20 design in 8 Hours, there Machine can plot 200 Design in that time, which directly proportional to money. in that case client is also happy that in less pain and less time he/she got best accurate design.